Copy of Wooden Assault Gun Template

Product Description

Shooting is one of the favorite games of all boys. Each man had in his childhood the toy gun. Real professional knows the structure of his rifle, especially if he assembled it himself. Assault rifle construction set is destined for real experts only. The gun has accurate sight which may be installed at any place on the barrel. The cartridge with eight bullets and bullet stock are included in the gun delivery set. But don’t worry, it is harmless for defenseless subjects, because there is a safety device on the barrel. Assault rifle is loaded quickly and may shoot uninterruptedly till the cartridge is empty. Wood Trick puzzle kits help children to develop fantasy not only during the game, but in process of assembly as well. Your child will feel himself a real engineer and designer. The manual is easy and clear for anyone to assembly this set himself, and, without any doubts, to get some modelling skills.


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